The city of Satu-Mare:
- Located in the north western part of Romania;
- The county of Satu-Mare borders Hungary and Ukraine;
- 30 km away from the Hungarian border and 43 km away from the Ukrainian border;
- Is connected to the most important neighbor cities like Baia Mare, Oradea, Cluj Napoca and Zalau, due to the intensively circulated European roads;
- Satu-Mare has its own International Airport;
- Due to the proximity to the Hungarian and Ukrainian border, the city of Satu-Mare offers continuous attractions and facilities for investments.
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Site Location
Project Location
Project Location
- In the western part of the city, on the exit towards the city of Oradea;
- On the National Road Arad to Oradea (DN 19);
- In the proximity of the Expressway Hungary - Satu-Mare - Baia Mare (in execution);
- Exit direct on the National Road DN 19, with direct access to the Expressway;
- Distance to the city 1000m.
Satu-Mare - Carei - 95km
Satu-Mare - Oradea - 120km
Satu-Mare - Baia Mare - 60km

Satu-Mare - Debrecen - 80km

City 162503
County 370000

City 80000
County 370000

City 150000
County 510110

City 200000
Commercial Project in Satu-Mare
Project Description
- A proposed commercial development consisting of 3 buildings;
- Easy and comfortable access solution to the project, direct from the national road and from the main city streets; - Proximity to existing retail; - Proximity to existing residential areas; - Land plot of 117.730 sqm; - Commercial Buildings - 55.297 sqm; - Parking areas - 1384.
Plot Details
Plot Surface: 117.730 sqm
Opening to National Road: 300m
Distance to Expressway: 150m
Distance to City: 1000m