The city of Arad:
- Located in the western part of Romania;
- 48 km away from the hungarian border;
- Arad has its own International Airport;
- The city of Arad offers attractive investments conditions for foreign investors, such as industrial companies, real estate investors and developers, banks insurance companies.
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The city of Satu-Mare:
- Located in the north western part of Romania;
- The county of Satu-Mare borders Hungary and Ukraine;
- 30 km away from the Hungarian border and 43 km away from the Ukrainian border;
- Is connected to the most important neighbor cities like Baia Mare, Oradea, Cluj Napoca and Zalau, due to the intensively circulated European roads;
- Satu-Mare has its own International Airport;
- Due to the proximity to the Hungarian and Ukrainian border, the city of Satu-Mare offers continuous attractions and facilities for investments.
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The city of Ploiesti:
- Located in the south of Romania;
- 45 km away from Bucharest;
- 40 km away from the International Airport "Henri Coanda" located in Bucharest;
- Ploiesti, is so called "The black gold capital" due to the oil deposits discovered near the city, Ploiesti being one of the biggest oil producers in Romania.
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