FGG IMMOBILIEN is a Romanian real estate company founded in 2005, having its headquarters in the western part of Romania in the city of ARAD, 48 km away from the Hungarian border.

FGG is dealing with its own properties. The main activity of our company consists in dealing with land plots. Our land plots have very good locations, being positioned on the main city exits, maximum 6 km away from the city centres. Our lands are, in the main, suited to the development of retail and residential projects.

The investments are at FGG's own account. The plot of land in our portofolio are in our ownership.

Our activity takes places on the Romanian market that is offering our clients good and profitable investment opportunities.

Since 2004 we already closed lands selling deals with international and national clients.
Our clients are: Retailers, Investment Funds, and Project Developers.

We are specialists in the development of the urban planning projects related to our land's locations. As a result of these projects, we are able to provide our plots of land with the urban parameters in accordance with our client's requests.

Within the urban planning process we are designing and approving important issues related to the real estate developments, such as the access to the future project.
By operating in this way we provide our clients with all the needed premises in order to build and develop their own projects on the plots of land they will purchase from our company.

In order to realize the Urban Planning Projects related to our lands we are working with experienced Romanian architects, authorised to design town-planning-projects as well as with experienced infrastructure and road engineers in order to find the best techical solutions to our locations.

Our company's straights at a glance:
- FGG is taking all the risks of the initial investment related to the purchasing of green field lands;
- FGG develops the urban-planning-project setting the urban parameters and the tehnical solution related to the access and infrastructure for these lands;
- FGG obtains all the legally requested approvals and permits for such urban-planning-project, inclusively the access to the future project to be developed on the plot;
- FGG sells to it's clients, in a secure manner, the lands including the legally aproved urban planning, allowing the Investors to carry on with the construction works for the planned buildings.